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Reflecting on Groundhog Day

As a member of the production crew for Groundhog Day, I played the main idea person in our twine game. The game generated incorporated a large portion of my ideas and thoughts. To make sense of the twine game assignment, my group used brainstorming to develop ideas that wanted to be heard with no negative feedback, then deciding on the favorite images to be brought into the game. The game was designed to the best of our abilities. I did not have to employ any technology or writing strategy for my role; I mainly just wrote down my ideas on our shared google doc, where we all discussed them. In preparing to present our game to the class, we made a presentation and split it according to our development. I feel like the final product could be a great insight into the high school atmosphere of a senior going through the pandemic. If I could do it repeatedly, I would not do a single thing differently about our twine game.
Working on the twine game, I learned to employ group brainstorming strategies that openly engage in the product. I developed new technological skills on twine because it was a brand new platform for me. Throughout the project, my group used an open environment procedure for game development. The development of Groundhog Day was much like my writing process, blurting out all of my ideas for the assignment, then working at what material works well. I am most proud of about Groundhog Day because it allowed everyone to voice whatever concerns or ideas they wanted for the game without judgment. It was a new process for me, and I hope to bring my development style of videogames to my writing in the future.


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