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Time is Up Eggman

“Time is Up Eggman”

Coming up with this idea for my Sunday sketch was absurdly random. I started with trying to find items in my room that would create a picture from a drawing and an object; however, after rummaging through my room for about thirty minutes, I gave up. Late into the night, not even focusing on the side quest, I thought about Sonic the Hedgehog and the new movie from a meme I saw on social media. I then looked up Eggman as an idea for the centerpiece of my sketch. It should be noted that I am terrible at drawing and thinking about creative pictures since I have never focused on doing so before. I started to draw Eggman’s head using the only writing utensil I had that was not just a pen or pencil, a dry erase marker. This drawing took me a large amount of time compared to other people I know, who would draw it better than myself in half the time; however, I was proud of my work. During the sketch, I was not even conceiving the idea of what physical object to combine with my drawing. I wanted to draw my sketch. After I drew, the concept of time came across my mind because I realized I had stayed up too far into the night already. I have two nearly identical watch faces, and with the drawing and my watches, I came up with the title “Time is Up Eggman,” to reference the end of the night for myself and Eggman’s continuous failure to outperform Sonic. Basically, I spent a lot of time into making the eyes of Eggman into watches to represent time and time running out.


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