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The Influence of Americanism

The Influence of americanism

The world is an ever-changing place due to the rapid lifestyle that is widely prevalent. Trends and technology are constantly shoved in the face of people every hour of every day, primarily American based. Influences worldwide persuade us to visit a website, purchase the new thing, or any other way to get their product to cross your mind. I decided to combine the Eiffel tower and McDonald’s’ golden arches because of globalization affecting cultures; this particular photo combination was quite amusing to think about because I believe the idea of putting Mcdonalds branding on grande structures, such as the Eiffel tower, have come across the minds of their advertising heads. I knew I wanted to create a combophoto on globalization, but deciding how to convey my image was rather tricky. McDonald’s was on my mind, so I knew I wanted to include it, and I decided upon the Eiffel tower because the build allowed me to fit a street sign of everyone’s “favorite” restaurant on top; thus, my photocombo created, trying to convey the influence of American globalization on individual culture was produced.


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